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Group painting exhibition of the Art Studio Nikolas Panayi "We need the sea because it teaches us"

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Exhibition duration: February 6, 2018 - February 24, 2018

The Art Studio Nicholas Panayi


The activities of the Art Studio go back to the academic year 1988/89.

It was formed with the objective to fill the gap in art education and awareness in Cyprus.

One of the aims of the studio is to offer a balanced approach in teaching. Discipline and academic values go hand in hand with freedom of expression and experimentation.

Another objective is to show respect for the individual and build self esteem in every student.

We offer a wide range of subjects including Drawing and Painting, History of Art,
 Portfolio preparation, Foundation in Art and Design, BA in Fine Art (year one and two), Sculpture, Photography and Graphic Design.

Students who attended classes at the Art Studio have successfully graduated or are currently studying at various universities and institutions in countries like the USA, UK, GREECE, ITALY, FRANCE, GERMANY the CZECH REPUBLIC and POLAND.

The Art Studio embraces all. It offers Art as a Hobby too. Five year olds and seventy year olds have the chance to experience an individual cultural development through Art.

The Art studio Nicholas Panayi as part of its educational programs, organizes each year trips to different parts of the world in search of the art and culture that identify the peoples they visit.

Experiences with the local artists, museums and galleries, fine art schools and other art organizations, sketches, photographs and many more constitute strong stimuli for creating.

After each trip participants work hard to produce art work that each year is presented in the form of an exhibition were the viewer gets a taste of the culture of the place visited. 

Some of the destinations including Cyprus, so far are the Czech Republic, the UK, France, Holland, Portugal, Russia, Greece, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain and Cuba.

Paul Cezanne said that Art is a Harmony Parallel with Nature. In line with these thoughts, the Nicosia based Art Studio of Nicholas Panayi organizes art trips around Cyprus and other parts of the world to explore local culture and nature and learn from them.

Between April 18 and 23, 2017 members of the “Earth Art” group of the Art Studio of Nicholas Panayi found themselves in the vicinity of Agia Napa. They had the unique opportunity to experience one of Cyprus most colorful land/seascapes through morning and afternoon painting sessions and a series of complimentary daily seminars on painting techniques.


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