Saturday 19 Oct 2019

Ayia Napa International Street Art Festival

Category: Periodical Exhibitions
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The Municipality of Agia Napa in the context of the upgrading of the tourist product 
and tourist experience of the visitor, organizes the 3rd International Street Art
Festival from 21 - 31 March 2019 in Ayia Napa.
Street Art Festival will be developed in public spaces and will include a variety 
of styles and techniques. The artists will work in abandoned buildings and
exterior surfaces to be supplied by the Municipality of Ayia Napa. Work materials
and hosting costs for artists from abroad will be covered by the Municipality of
Ayia Napa and sponsors.

Wheatpasting, stickerbombing, stencilgraffiti, posterart, outdoor projections 
and installations, the use of mixed techniques, the falsification of road
signs etc. will be included in what we call a word today, streetart. The works will be
made freely on the streets of Ayia Napa and will be open to the view of all visitors.
Focusing on youthfulness and freedom of expression, Ayia Napa's tourist resort will fill 
color and become a hatchery of ideas and a place of social-artistic fermentation by
cultivating the evolution of graffiti giving the pulse of street art.
Among the Festival names are included world-renowned artists from Cyprus 
and abroad such as Paparazzi from Cyprus, Host Doss from Venezuela,
Stenographia Team and Rustam Cubic from Russia, Dan from the United Kingdom,
Edmon, Opsis, DonDante, Kasia, Steven, Eli, Devavry, Zhokhov from Cyprus and others.
Paparazzi Art Studio will have the art of editing the works.



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