Saturday 19 Oct 2019

"HORCRUX" Painting exhibition by Radina Rosenova

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"HORCRUX" Painting exhibition   by  Radina Rosenova 

  • Horcrux comes from the French word "dehors" meaning "outside" and "crux" meaning "soul", which blend together to make "the outside soul". Horcruxes represent objects infused with parts of a person's soul as a way of ensuring a longer life. 

At the exhibition are enjoyed three different Art techniques:

           •If You value the perfectionism, 

You will love her extremely detailed pencil artworks.

          •If You are a freedom lover, You will feel the liberty screaming through the oil colors.

          •The third 3D abstract technique will blow your mind as its new and unseen for Cyprus. Made with high quality rare products such a masterpiece will last a lifetime! This technique can bring the Ocean or the Galaxy right into your home, office or hotel! *One of the many benefits its that the artwork can NOT get damaged from the high degrees on our happy sunny island. 

  • (ART pseudonym: RiaRossa) is 27 years old Artist and Professional Model.

Raised by her mother (poet and writer with two successfully published books). Developing her style and ability from a very young age, her paintings can be described as abstract realism, with romantic elements portraying a dreamy atmosphere.

Her artwork is layered with symbolism and energy, often provoking deep emotions. 

Ria Rossa expresses passion, misticism, authenticity and beauty through her brushstrokes. 

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